Saturday, February 26, 2011

More than Choices

“You are more than the choices you have made.”

It’s great to hear this because lately I’ve been making some bad choices. Things not worth mentioning but that God knows nonetheless.

Why am I self destructive? Why do I let my thoughts and feelings overwhelm me? Why do I find it hard to trust God? Why can’t I just chill out?

Because I am human. I have to keep reminding myself of this. If I was perfect I don’t think I would need God. It’s my imperfections that keep me from becoming full of myself. It’s my imperfections that remind me of God’s grace and love. My kids can never do anything that would keep me from loving them. I think the same applies to our relationship with God.

God’s love inspires me to be a better human being. It also helps me turn from darkness to light. When my life seems like a series of bad choices, I just need to pause and remember this. This is today's lesson.

Here’s a song that resonates with this lesson.

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