Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Power from Within

I run to be free. Free from the thoughts that hold me down. Free from the emotions that blur my vision. Free from the rage that will consume me if I don’t first burn it out.

I run to lose my mind. To forget who and what I am. To forget where I am or where I came from. To finally remember I am me. Just me. No more. No less.

I run because of love. Love for my wife and children. They deserve the best of me. A balanced and peaceful man is what they get when I run.

I run because God created me to do it. When I run, stillness overtakes me. In those moments I intensly feel His presence. God is always there, but when I run I lose myself in the moment with Him.

Running, or anything that seriously gets you out of your comfort zone, is good for you. It brings you into balance by aligning you mind, body, spirit and emotions. This is tonight’s lesson.

Here are some videos that resonate with this lesson. I love this song and running on the beach.

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