Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Written in the Stars

I think I finally understood something tonight. Life’s struggles are needed to prepare us for the afterlife. Through life’s struggles our mind, body, spirit, and emotions are strengthened and refined. The more theses parts of our being are strengthened and refined, the closer we come to knowing God’s purpose for us. I believe our ultimate purpose is to love and be loved by God. And we are to share this love with others to include the non-human world.

This thought came to me after a long run on my treadmill. I had pushed myself to a point where I thought I had no more to give. Then something inside of me said, “Keep at it and incline the track as high as it will go.” That’s were my exhaustion turned to pain. It’s also where I discovered struggle is needed if you are to grow. In my case I want to run farther and farther. I want to run to my life and never stop.

Tonight’s lesson was inspired by my dad who reminded me that no matter what life throws at you, you always have the choice to choose your response and attitude. Keep a positive spirit and one day your name will be written in the stars. I love you dad for inspiring me with this truth.

Here’s a song to inspire this lesson. “Ohhh, written in the stars… I'm on my way...”

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