Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amazing Grace Arianna

Do you believe in miracles? What if I told you I saw one today with my own eyes? What if I told you I watched an angel open her eyes for the first time ever and in them I saw God? Would you believe in miracles then?

Today my daughter Grace Arianna was born and words cannot begin to explain the beauty of it all. I have been waiting for her all my life. I think even before I was born into this world I knew her. As I gazed into her beautiful eyes I saw something wonderful. I saw me through her eyes. In her eyes I am me in my purest form because she knows me no other way. That’s why I believe I saw God in her eyes. Because that’s how God sees me… and you.

You see, life is really not that complicated. We are born into this world pure and free. Over time that pureness and freedom is tainted and challenged. But no matter what we do or what happens to us, God sees us as we were the day we were born. Remembering this truth frees us from the self-imposed prisons we construct in our hearts and minds.

As I look at my beautiful daughter and children I can’t help but wonder if I'm fit to be their parent. But you know what? I think I am. Not because I know anything special or because I am perfect, but instead because I know where they came from and why they are here. They were born into my care so that I might love them as God loves me – without condition. God placed dreams in their hearts that I will help them discover and follow. Not a day will go by that I don’t tell them I love and believe in them. Not a day will go by that I don’t tell them they are a gift to the world and the world is a gift to them.

Through my children I am reborn. Through them I remember who and what I really am - a child of God who has known suffering but in the end awoken to the truth of life.

Grace Arianna, I love you with a love that is inexplicable. Thank you for choosing me to be your daddy. Thank you God for this gift.

Tonight’s lesson? Life is amazing. You are amazing. Let God's grace fill your heart with this truth. You will be amazed at what happens next.


  1. Congrats my friend!!!!! The eyes of a baby are a marvel. Looking into a new world with such sweetness.

  2. Congratulations! She is beautiful. Hope all things are well with you and that you are getting enough sleep. Enjoy His grace -- and your little Grace, too.

    Sincerely, Lillie-Beth

    P.S. I've always loved that Todd Agnew song.