Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Run to Live

Tonight’s run was a hard, but necessary, one. The weight of my thoughts was literally weighing me down.

I tell my sister she saved my life by getting me into running and I’m serious. With the birth of my 4th child and all the responsibilities that come along with it, I’m feeling I need to step up my game. In spirit, chasing the extraordinary is challenging but energizing. In the flesh, chasing the extraordinary is hard and it causes stress. This is where running comes in.

When I run I can literally feel my stress levels moving from my feet up to the top of my head. Somewhere in the middle of my run the desire to quit is overwhelming. But I can't quit because soon after I push beyond that point, my stress rushes out of the top of my head and into the air. What’s left is a refreshed and rebalanced me.

With this renewal I’m ready to take on the challenges of life again. And when I feel overwhelmed I go for another run. Assuming I go running every other day, my stress levels stay at the optimal level needed for creativity and productivity.

Tonight’s lesson is to never fear dying while running on a treadmill (or in life).

Will Smith has something interesting to say about this lesson.

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