Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tomorrow is Today

Today is my birthday and the 2nd anniversary of my sister’s stroke. Ironically, the day I was born and the day she almost slipped away are the same.

What are the chances of this happening I ask myself? Impossible I think. That’s why I know there is something more at work here.

In between birth and death there is life. Maybe that is what God is trying to tell us through all of this. Celebrate life while you’re alive. Let go of all the nonsense that keeps you down. As long as you’re breathing you have the power to manifest the life you dream of. It might take time but it’s possible.

And when tragedy does strike, let God show you how to be reborn through it. That's what my sister did with Thoughts of a Butterfly. That is tonight’s lesson.

Here’s a song to remind us that that butterflies fly when the sun comes out.


  1. I see you're using a clip from my childhood favorite movie ;) God works in mysterious ways and what happened two years ago today, was meant to...so we could both really live. Thank you for helping me break out of my cocoon.

    Love you very much
    Your lil sis

  2. As a kid, you drove me crazy watching Annie over and over and over again. How many 8 year old boys do you think knew every song in the movie by heart the way I did (and still do). :-)