Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bending Reality

“Wayseer,” what’s that?
Someone who sees life for what it is
Truths not readily apparent on the surface
Maybe it’s a tortured soul
One that knows it’s away from home
Gifts sometimes seen as a curse
Can’t always explain what they mean
Language a limitation to conception
Ideas only expressed through spirit
So much energy bottled up
It has to find its way out
Alone on a quest few understand
In search of the universe within
It’s hard to live like this at times
So it’s easier to be self-destructive
The world is a duality of reality
The eyes see what the want to see
Purpose… Meaning… A reason
Without these what’s life?
“Wayseers,” an interesting concept
Wonder if there's room for one more

Tonight's lesson? It's cool to be you.

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